What do you get when you take one austrian, one american, and a whole heap of legendary reggae vocalists?

…with the swiftness of a deadly cosmic daggering ray the earth is invaded by the indescribeable

JingBong Ting! Jacky Murda & Max Powa‘s unique fusion of diverse musical elements from africa to the americas and the carribean results from their methodology : everything must get dubbed! Using live dubbing and mixdown techniques, JingBong Ting’s bass fueled dub sessions are a ragga-flavored journey through dubstep, funky, kuduro and jungle.

JINGBONGTING brings the devastating forces of punanist 5th dimensional supraphonic sound . From the minds of mad scientists no longer limited by control of the Lateral and the Vertical, cetacean frequencies encoded into N-dimensional space time and recombobulated with devastating effect, this terrific thrill sensation is charged with amazements beyond belief!

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