Starting as bedroom dj and amateur soundman since way way back, Jacky professionally entered the scene and opened up shop as Chopstick Dubplate, voicing and cutting dubplates with his custom Scully-Westrex lathe in 1998, and in 2000 started releasing 10″ records that were recorded, mixed, and cut , all in house. Jacky’s first label, King Kong Sound, released a couple seminal black-label jungle 10inches by Krinjah and Murda. Around ’99 Jacky started developing a different idea for jungle music : recording original vocals on jungle riddims instead of sampling. The Chopstick Dubplate label was brought out, marking the start of the New-School Ragga-Jungle movement.  Many well known Jamaican artists were enlisted in the recording of the debut full-length “21 Murda Shots”, released in 2003, and 10inch releases featuring many of these songs were released over the next few years.
In 2009 Chopstick released “Soundboy Gone” featuring Jah Mason. Communications during the production led to the collaboration between Mason’s River Nile Camp and Chopstick Dubplate and the creation of 2010’s full length “Chopstick Meets River Nile”. .
In 2006 Jacky started the Little Island project, collaborating in Brighton and Barcelona with UK producer Kion on dubby, deep, rootsy material. Tunes by Kion & Murda started to get rotation in crucial UK dances like DMZ, >>FWD , and SuperDubPressure with djs like Mala, Rusko, Tes La Rok, Joe Nice, Nick Argon, BunZer0, Noah D, Daddy G, N-Type and Itchy Robot picking up on the Little Island sound.  2009 also marked the creation of the “JingBong Ting”, a live act comprised of Jacky Murda and Max Powa. JingBong Ting’s first release dropped summer 2010 on WAR records, and the second release , complete with video, “Sundown” featuring Top Cat , September 2010. Watch out for more releases on Argon, Kraken, Moonshine, Renegade Weed, Run Tingz, as well on Jacky’s imprints Chopstick Dubplate and Little Island Records. You can catch Jacky all around europe performing jungle with Chopstick Dubplate , and live with Max Powa as the mighty JingBong Ting!


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