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Itchy & Jacky @ SUB.FM

Itchy & Jacky @ SUB.FM

..also know as Itchy Robot and Jacky Murda live at SUB.FM!

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Costa Murda mix


costa murda 2010

iKultu Semba – JingBong Ting
Pinchers Dub – JingBong Ting remix
Openland feat Mr. Mutton – JingBong Ting remix
BuddyBye Dub – JingBong Ting remix
Gun Talk feat Short Dog and Dark Man – JingBong Ting
Cry Murda feat Ziggi – JingBong Ting
Mr. Brown Dub feat Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer – JingBong Ting
Helicopter Ting feat John Holt – JingBong Ting
Sundown feat Top Cat – JingBongTing
Sundown Itchy Robot Remix
Armagideon Style feat Willi Williams – Itchy Robot and Jacky Murda
Dubman Fadeaway feat Jr Byles & General Levy – Kion & Murda
Slave Driver Ting feat D Brown – JingBong Ting
Una Murthera – JingBong Ting
Skinny King – Jacky Murda
Drunken Master – Top Cat – Jacky Murda remix
Big Tune – Ichy Robot and Jacky Murda
Work Dat Box – Jaybird – Tuffist and Murda remix
Taliban Walk – Kion & Murda

Mixed By Jacky Murda waaay too late in the year, 2010.

Music By Max Powa, Itchy Robot, Kion, Tuffist, Jaybird, and Jacky Murda.

Vocals By Top Cat, Pinchers, Mr. Mutton, Johnny Osbourne, Short Dog, Dark Man, Ziggi, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, John Holt, Willi Williams, General Levy, Dennis Brown, and that dead guy from Sublime…